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Introducing Exotic Dreams bouquet, a breathtaking flower arrangement that transport you to a tropical paradise. This opulent design features a captivating mix of lilies, Mokara Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, Birds of Paradise, and Lobster Claw, each chosen for their exotic beauty and vibrant hues.


Arranged in luxurious gold square vase, the Exotic Dreams bouquet combines the striking shapes and colors of these flowers to create a lush, dynamic display. Perfect as a statement centerpiece or a memorable gift, this arrangement brings a touch of the extraordinary to any setting, promising to enchant and impress with its lavish and exotic charm.







Exotic Dreams

  • We deliver Monday - Saturday. Online orders must be placed by noon for next-day delivery and by 10AM for same - day delivery. Contact us at 917.572.4305 for more details.

    Delivery Method

    Delivery within Manhattan/Bronx $30

    Delivery within Queens/Brooklyn/New Jersey (delivery fees begin at $65+) $65+

    1. Change the water regularly (every 2 days) after the second day of delivery. 
    2. Place a drop of bleach in the water to kill any bacteria from the stems. This should be completed whenever you refresh the water.
    3. Trim about 2-3cm from the bottom of the stems at a 45-degree angle. This should be completed whenever you refresh the water.
    4. Place blooms in a cool place at all times.
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