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Design on a Dime!

Designing can get costly, especially if there aren't enough knowledgeable resources available. You always want to "WOW" clients, guests or friends when you are presenting your creative touch with styling flowers. Here are a few tips to guide you on your journey:

  • Multiply your designs. Designs provide more impact visually in multiples of 3 or more.

  • Purchase any vessels, compotes, or glass vases from wholesalers. You generally get a discounted rate if you purchase items by the dozen. Purchasing wholesale also gets you the luxury of getting a tax break long as you have the right credentials.

  • Shop for your flowers from your local wholesale market. Your favorite bloom will come in bunches of 5-10 stems from the wholesale market. This offers you a better price rate then the local florist as you know they will tack on an up-charge to make a profit. Again you will also receive a tax break by purchasing from the wholesale market.

  • Shop for seasonal flowers as they are the most cost effective. Make sure to do your research regarding your favorite blooms or requested blooms from your client and which season is best to purchase them from your local wholesaler. There is a great reference book "Buying & Arranging Cut Flowers" - The Essential A-Z Guide by Judith Blacklock for $13.59 from Amazon. I absolutely love this reference and it was a great buy even for myself.

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